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I'm about to purchase a new LCD TV, but I'm a bit miffed that they all seem to have 3 HDMI inputs yet only 1 component input. This is causing problems for me because I currently have 4 games consoles that I want to connect to the TV - a PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and a Wii, and the best I can get out of any of them is a component output. (My 360 is non-HDMI, although I'm considering part-exchanging it for one that is.)

So what would be the best way of setting this up? I've seen a cable that would connect the PS2, 360 and Wii to the TV's single component input, but I don't trust one single cable to do all of that, plus I won't be using it for the 360 if I trade it for one with a HDMI port, and it leaves the original Xbox completely out of the picture. I don't want to connect anything by scart (in this day and age!), so what can I do? Get some adapters? All the component-HDMI adapters I've seen are bulky, and seem to require a power source, although I have seen some really simple component-DVI and DVI-HDMI adapters so I could do it that way?

I'm considering buying a new DVD player with upscaling and HDMI ouput (maybe even Blu Ray), with component inputs that I could connect the consoles to, then connect the whole lot to the TV by HDMI. Does that sound like a good idea?

Someone please suggest something - my head's about to explode figuring all of this out! I remember feeling so relieved when I got a TV with 2 (2!) scart sockets and didn't have to change cables to switch between my PSX and N64. You'd think they'd give you more inputs to choose from these days, but I find 1 component input really limiting when I have 3-4 consoles vying for it.


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There really is nothing wrong with Scart (especially if being used to send an RGB signal) it is one of the best quality connections you will get from none HD sources so don't reject scart just on that basis.
Remember Scart is not a type of signal but a connection standard, Scart itself can be used for lots of different signals varying in quality.

The PS2 and Wii could be connected via component but the difference will be miniscule (if not none existant)

Personally I'd use RGB scart for the PS2 and Xbox, component for the Wii and HDMI for your new replacement 360

alternatively you could use a VGA cable for the 360 if your new TV has a PC input.

If you've still not actually purchased the TV its worthwhile checking that your intended purchase supports RGB on at least 2 of the scarts.


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Personally I'd use RGB scart for the PS2 and Xbox, component for the Wii and HDMI for your new replacement 360.

Thanks for the info. What you said there ^ is what I was thinking of doing, as I didn't think I'd get much better quality from a component cable on my PS2, and I've already got a VGA cable for my 360 so I'd be ok even without getting a new 360.

I'm just a bit concerned about the Xbox though - because I don't actually use it for games, I modded it so that I could install XBMC and use it as a media centre, so now it's a 160gb DivX player and is networked to my PC. As I watch so much TV on it, I really want the video quality from it to be as high as possible - what sort of resolutions are possible over scart? Because most of my DivX files are 720x576, but if I downloaded some HD DivX files would they show in HD resolutions?

Anyway, I'm looking at getting the Samsung 40" A556 because it fits my needs and budget. I'm sure everything will look great on it regardless of whether I'm using the absolute best cables or not!

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