Help with selecting an HDMI switching amp - budget £400ish



Hi all - i have just ordered a new TV - Panasonic plasma 50" TH-50PX70 i know need to get an amp and speakers (possibley DVD) to go with it.

My sources are xbox 360, sky + (soon to be shy HD) + a cheapy DVD player (hence getting a new one)

Priority is to get a unit that will allow single HDMI cable from amp to TV as the gear isnt going under the screen and i dont want wires everywhere going to the TV. Budget is about £1200 for the amp and speakers so i am guessing £400-500 amp rest on speakers?

Having read lots (and got a headache!) i cant find what i'm after - everything i have looked at so far has limitations (trouble is i dont quite understand the techy stuff to know whether those limitations are significant)

So any advice would be great - what amp, which speakers and will upgrading the DVD player (dont want to spend more than, say, £250 on that) be worth it?



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Onkyo 674 is excellent value for money. Seach this forum for info it seems to tick the boxes.



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Supplied and fitted 2 and very impressed (with Tannoy areana speakers), the auto setup although looks pants does a fantastic job. It would appear that they have spent the money on what matters rather than the pretty menus etc.... They have IR ports on the back too which means you don't have silly IR tails everywhere.

All thats missing is 4mm binding posts!


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I have a JVC RX-D701s hmdi amp for sale in the trading forums. brand new and has 2 hmdi inputs and upscales all other inputs to hdmi. also has a wireless reciever which allows you to play music from your pc through your system. great amp and its brand new still in packaging. Costs £550 online. check it out and see if it suits your needs. first page has all the detials and links to reviews.


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