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Hi everyone!

I'm after a bit of advice regarding buying a second hand car... I've been hunting for a small hatchback for my other half for a while now. She's going to do about 8 miles a day Monday to Friday and doesn't want anything fancy so my initial thoughts were:

- Small engine (1.2 to 1.4)
- Petrol
- 3 Door
- Cost to £2.5k

I've been looking around for a Clio, Corsa, etc. and found a 07 plate Clio for £2k from a main dealer (Ford) but I'm a bit concerned that it sounds too cheap.

The car is an 07 plate with 77K miles. It has had 2 owners and its in very good condition (looking at photos as i'm 100 miles away from it). It has some service history with renault but the last owner was married to a mechanic who serviced the vehicle himself. The story I was told was that the lady was Irish and bought a brand new Ford and took it back to Ireland to claim tax back?! (Or something like that)

For my £2k the dealier is willing to:

- Service the vehicle
- Give me 1 year warranty
- Replace cambelt and water pump (for my peace of mind)

A quick check on autotrader shows me that the car value is about £1.8k private e £2.4k dealer... So it does come across as "too good to be true" if you know what I mean.

What do you reckon? Should I be concerned, should I continue looking for something with full service history? Or just go with it and trust the dealer?

I do need to book a test drive...



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Doesn't sound too cheap to be wary at all. A quick search on autotrader shows quite a few 2007 Clio's for £2k from traders.


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As above the price seems about right. If it was a main Renault dealer then I may have been closer to the £2.4k mark but since this is from a Ford Dealer they will just want shot of it fairly quickly hence the slightly lower price.


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Thanks for you feedback, once you start looking online you find issues with most cars. I looked at some toyota yaris yesterday but then you're into £3k and that price bracket you can find ford focus, etc. or even consider a lease...
Not sure what to do but I do really appreciate the feedback!


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Nothing wrong with the little Clio's, there's not a lot that really goes wrong with them. Sister had one for years (7+ I think) and never had any serious problems. She'd still have it if a tree hadn't fallen on it.
Common issues on hers a 2001 were window regulator jamming and passenger airbag light coming on, both easily fixed.


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With that budget id be looking for something with a lower mileage (despite what people say about mileage doesn't matter if its been looked after blah blah blah)


I agree that there's nothing wrong with Clios, very reliable cars.
With regard to what the dealer has promised, I'm wary when they claim they'll replace the belt and water pump etc, especially on a cheap car.
I'd be tempted to get it checked after purchase, to see if they've lied or not.


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not sure id be traveling 100 miles for a 2k car , are there not 100's of similar cars within a smaller radius?

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