Help with scart pin out and levels please

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Dunkwho, Oct 7, 2002.

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    In an attempt to try and force some sort of auto scart switching on my Panasonic 32PL10 during power up (it doesn't check the scarts so doesn't automatically switch to my tivo like my sony 25" used to :( ) I thought I'd see if i can come up with a little gizmo to rectify this. Basically I'm hoping theres a signal in the scart spec which is enabled when the tv switches on (in a kinda input select way that dvd players etc use ... but in reverse) that I can hook onto to kick my box of tricks into life - then its just a case of delaying for a bit (about 40secs after tv power on in my trials), dropping the scart enable line from the tivo ... waiting a few more secs, then re-asserting it.

    At the mo I'm getting round this with a macro on my pronto which powers up the tv then plays with the tivo to get it to re-assert the scart select signal in the timings i've described above - it works ok but has the potential to fail ... and doesn't help the mother in law who's got the same telly, sky, but no pronto.

    All suggestions greatfully received !!!


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