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Help with scart leads please.

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by PikPik Carrot, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. PikPik Carrot

    PikPik Carrot

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    I need a little help with a problem with my consoles and a switch box.

    At first I had three consoles , xbox , gamecube and ps2 all hooked up via the 3 in 1 box from argos (code 534/2361 ) and all was well , all provided an rgb signal and picture was fine. Then I got a video aswell , so I need to have 4 hooked up (possible 5 if I pull my DC out). So I searched for a 5 in 1 box that let you use you'r own scart , but could not find one , so I settled on the 5 in 1 from argos , where you have to use the stupid built in lead (code 534/1922 ).

    Now this is where the problem starts.

    Using this new box , when using the ps2 or gamecube I get a rgb signal , yet when the xbox is used on it , I do not , only get a composite (is that right word) signal. All pins on the box and the scart from it are wired in , so I assume it should support rgb.

    So why is it doing it , to recap , ps2 through the box = RGB , gamecube through the box = rgb , xbox through the box= composite.

    All are hooked are via rgb scart lead , and the xbox gives rgb if going straight to the tv or through the old box , but not with the new one. Anyone know whats up? , why is it doing this? and how to fix.

    Also while on the subject , if I gotta change box , where can I get a 5 input 1 output manual box that's rgb (like me original 3 in one) , but where I can use own scart for output and not one of these dvd sized £60 one's , just a manaul one.

    Thanks for the help.

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