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Help with scaler for Pioneer 434 pls...

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by murphys33, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. murphys33


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    I am contemplating buying a Iscan HD and connect it to my Pioneer 434 and would like to seek opinios to the following concerns I have:
    1. My intention is to connect my DVD (o/p 576p) and TV tuner to the Iscan HD via components and output the scaled image via a DVI to the pioneer's HDMI in digital format. Would the HDMI of the Pioneer accept 576p / 720p or 1080 format in digital form?
    2. Would it be better if i hook it such that it component out via RGB to my pioneer instead?
    3. Which of the 2 options offer better performance
    4. Would the performance improvement be great? say more than 30% improvement?
    5. Should i hold out for the pixel magic's plasma enhancer pro which offers an output via hdmi?
    6. Since the plasma enhancer pro has limited component imput, how shd i solve the problem of having too many equipments hooking into the scaler?

    Please bear with me as I am still a newbie and have only very limited knowledge as I am still reading up. Appreciate any help i can get here!


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