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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by GodtheDJ, Jun 3, 2003.

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    I'm want to put a home cinema kit up in my room, nothing too fancy mind, but at the same time trying not to cause a lot of disturbance to both the neighbours and others in the house (I know, the two don't go together!). The layout of the area is as follows:


    The wall to the right is attatched to the neighbours, and the room is approximately 8' high. The floor is laminate and does have some soundproofing foam benath it. I have a couple of questions about a HC setup in there though:

    -Given the size of the room, would a compact sub/sat system work better or should I stick with normal speakers? (considering a wharfedale/mission package).

    -Which way round should the main speakers and TV face in order to keep the sound transfer through the neighbour's wall to a minimum? (i.e should they be placed on the left or on the right of the room?)

    I would like to get away with not using a sub in the setup if I had normal speakers as I think the volume would be a bit OTT for the listening area. Any thoughts/suggestions on the matter are welcome, thanks!
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    Small sats are ok if you really must have small speakers. I'd go for stand mounts myself but front ported as they're going to be close to at least one wall. I don't know your budget so I can't give much more advice than that.

    Prolly best with main speakers and tv to the left. Don't wall mount speakers on adjoining wall

    You do not have to have a sub if you don't want one

    WRT the floor - try it as is but also try adding a few soft furnishings (chuck your dirty washing on the floor to see if there's a difference)

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