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Hi there,

I'm setting up the sitting room and would love to have a projector for 2 reasons
1 - Great big screen and experience
2 - Can make it disappear when it's not in use (drop down projector screen)

It's quite a big room but because of the existing fireplace & windows I'm limited where I can put the seating.
I was thinking of the layout below.
I didn't want to mount the projector on the ceiling, was hoping to leave it on a sideboard cabinet.
However this might result it it hitting the back of our heads on the couch

Any advice, feedback , discussion would be really appreciate.

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 18.29.56.png


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I think you would need it to be higher as the pj beam would probably hit your head depending on how high the sideboard is and how low your couch is.

If you could have it on the sideboard with something underneath the pj to raise it a few inches you might get away with it or alternatively put a wall bracket up and make a shelf for it to sit on.


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Just a few things I've noticed and expect you may have thought of as I suspect the room will have to revert to a traditional living room when not in usage as the settees look like they are meant to be facing each other

1, As @kbfern has mentioned, the projector will be a little low and the beam of light will hit heads plus depending upon the projector, you may find it will not work that way anyway. So it's important to have an idea on which on you are going to get first in order to build around it
2, Windows require light control (black out blinds or heavy curtains). Sunlight is always the enemy with projection and projectors screens aren't meant to be black out blinds

3, Speaker and electronics location, have you given any thought as this will also be important to in routing the HDMI cable

4, Settees, are you looking to rotate one of these when it turns into movie night? If so, this will cause you a few headaches and annoyances. It will also be for a similar reason as placing the projector low as you have indicated, but also because not having the furthest settee stepped higher will mean the heads and shoulders of people viewing in front will be in the way

5, Will you be using the room as a traditional living room when not in use? This will certainly cause issues if you are going to have another TV in there as we all know modern TV's sound a little poor compared to av system and having two av systems in one room (or an av system plus soundbar) will create a nightmare when trying to incorporate attaching products like streaming and broadcasting devices plus Blu-ray players

These are just a few things that I can see which will become a headache somewhere down your build


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Thanks Kbfern, wall bracket is a good idea.
Got me thinking if I should get a cabinet (something like below) and hide the projector high in there....
Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 13.33.32.png

Means I can keep it up high and avoid hitting heads.

Thanks Shane, great points to think off.
We'd probably only use the 1 settee (with our backs to the projector) so don't need to worry about turning any around.

Was just going to get an Android projector or Chromecast for video input.
Haven't thought about Audio as yet. Will have to think of getting the audio signal (wirelessly) to near the projector screen. Open to low budget ideas

It won't have a TV in the room. Just the projector for Netflix, Movies and Sports (over IPTV)


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It's good to hear the room is going to be a one use (visually anyway) and you aren't going to try to over complicate it with an extra TV and other requirements

I would really think about the audio now rather than later plus take a look at this website regarding throw distances. This side is very important and may upset any plans you have at making your cinema come to life if you do not get it right When you find a projector (before buying it, find the model number and follow simple instruction and try to understand what they mean). Using these numbers will enable you to find out if the place you wish to position the projector will fill the screen size you wish to work with. If you get this wrong, you will find that it could be an expensive exercise

With the audio, whatever you use for streaming, as a minimum, make sure it has an optical and HDMI outputs as this will help you with both video and sound


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Would an Ultra Short Throw projector be a viable alternative put on a low table at the window?
Great shout @Sloppy Bob, That would make everything a lot easier with setup and remove almost all complications with audio if it has a built-in soundbar


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I had being thinking about Short throw when I saw the Xiaomi laser projector. However then I saw that you need/recommended an ALR screen and I didn't have the budget for that.

My budget is around one thousand, not a lot I know


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Another idea
Is there projectors that can display from a side angle. (Budget 1000)?
Wondering if I could setup a projector on a sideboard and have a projector screen behind the blue couch in the picture below


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