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Hi all

I’m thinking it’s about time I replace my old Sony STR-DG820.

So, my current hardware is:

Sony KD49XF9005 TV
Sky HD
Nvidia Shield
Nintendo Wii
Sony BDP-S370 BR player (however this will more than likely be replaced with a PS4 Pro)
Sony STR-DG820 AV Receiver
Tannoy SFX 5.1 speakers.

What I need are:

- At least 4 HDMI inputs
- HDMI passthrough (if that is the correct term). What I would like is to connect Sky Hd to the receiver and for it to pass the signal to the tv even when the receiver is turned off. As I won’t always use the receiver.
- 4K and HDR compatible.
- ARC compatible.

Given the above, what would be a good receiver? Is the Sony STR-DH790 worth a purchase?

Budget wise, probably don’t want to spend over £500.

Appreciate any help, thanks.


Denon AVRX2400 (Black)

The Denon X2400's direct Sony comparison would be the dn1080.
Sony STRDN1080 (Black)

However for maxing out your budget and with the possibility of part exchanging your current receiver the Denon X3400 is an exceptionally good player at a very good price. I would purchase the Denons over the Sony models as the Denons, especially the 3400, has better room correction with Audyssey and are very easy to set up.

Denon AVR-X3400H
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