help with ps3 and dz-260


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hey, need a little help here :lease:

Have sky hd and the ps3 connected to a Samsung LE40856 via hdmi
the sky hd is connected to the dz-260 via optical

want to get surround sound from the ps3 for games, so i was thinking of getting a digital coax cable to connect the sky hd to the dz-260 and then using the digital optical to connect the ps3 to the dz-260. what im wondering , is how do i select on the dz-260 that i want to use the ps3 audio rather than the sky hd audio.

anybody have any suggestions


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I am not familiar with your kit, if I have time, I'll have a look at an online manual later but I think the digital audio input is shared ie. it either uses optical or coax. You will simply select the ext audio input (Aux?) and if the audio is active you'll hear it, so in other words, you will do exactly the same for the PS3 as you're doing for sky hd. If this doesn't work, I would suggest a manual optical switch (see maplins, tvcables or audiovisualonline) to share the single digital audio input.

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