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I have an hitachi c36wf810n tv and a harman kardon dvd 25 dvd player.When I switch the tv and dvd to prog scan the picture goes crazy and you cannot make anything out on the screen.I am using an rgb scart and region 1 dvd`s.Any advice will be gratefully accepted.I am slowly learning this home cinema game.


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Well, I'm nowhere near as qualified in this as some other people, and I may be corrected, but I thought progressive scan only worked over component video connections (3 x phono). If your DVD player has these outputs, and your TV has the inputs, try connecting them up using this method.


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Progressive scan doesn't work through the horrible SCART. Your hitachi has no method of getting a PS into it, you must feed it with an interlaced signal. The tv will then do its own ‘poor’ cut down ps version. The only tvs that take a ps signal here in the UK are the new Toshiba stratas via conponent, a new panny WITH COMPONENT INPUTS :), and RGBGV in a VGA input on Loewes.

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