help with powerstrip please


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I am having problems trying to get my new HCPC to work with powerstrip and AE100
First a version of powerstrip from late last year didn't let me change the advanced settings. I got the latest version and it was fine
I entered in the custom screen and tried to select 856x480 custom timings as given in the forum previously (and checked elsewhere). When windows switched the screen was corrupted and everything is blocky and diagonal. I also tried windows and default timings for this resolution with the same effect. I have not risked trying to say the display is ok (by guessing where the mouse pointer is) and then restart windows or anything.
I entered the timings for 1280x720 again from this forum. Powerstrip comes back with "windows will need to restarted to see if the display driver has accepted the new resolution" when windows restarts it is not selectable.
HELP! neither resolution is working for me. The AE100 is plugged into the DVI port via an adaptor and gives a fine picture on other resolutions. It is set as the primary monitor in display properties and the other monitor is switched off and not marked as attached. I am using the bang up to date drivers for everything, but I have not installed the ati raedon control panel as I have heard it interfers with powerstrip
My system spec is:

AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton
A7N8X Deluxe SKT A NForce2 Chipset Motherboard VER: 2.0
Sapphire Radeon 9600 AGP X8 256MB DDR DVI TV-Out Retail Box
Crucial 2x256MB DDR PC3200
SEAGATE Barracuda7200.7+ 120GB UDMA100
Microsoft XP Home With Service Pack 1A OEM

any help would be appreachiated!


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IIRC the Control Panel was implicated with problems some had trying to get 1:1 mapping on a Z2 without using Powerstrip, IMX I had no problems with an AE300 or the Z2 using the panel and Powerstrip. It may be that the absence of CP may be the cause of Windows (or more specifically the Catalyst driver) not 'taking' the resolution.

If no-one else drops by to offer some advice I would suggest you do install the control panel as I was under the impression you need to be able to tell it to show all available modes at some point .. I don't have access to my HCPC at the moment to check on the details. If CP doesn't make any difference then you can either remove it again or leave it in place because clearly it wouldn't be causing your problem.

There is a 'driver killer' for Catalyst drivers, however right now I can't recall where you get it from, it'll be in a post round here somewhere I know, but where is another matter.


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I have tried a few more things such as swapping which port the projector is plugged into. I have also installed the asus control panel. I can still only get 848x480 not 856x480, and I am not even sure how I did that!. Now when I try to select 856x480 it displays a narrow area of windows but in either a 640x480 or 800x600 resolution. In powerstrip I click on custom resolutions then predefined I select 856x480 and according to that screeen of powerstrip that selection is 856x480 with relevent timings. When I select it to display powerstrip tells me it has been accepted do I want to display and I say yes then when I do it still comes up with one of the 4:3 resolutions as above..the backward page of powerstrip confirms this.although the first page of powerstrip says 856x480 advanced timings say e.g. 800x600.

Originally posted by KraGorn
There is a 'driver killer' for Catalyst drivers, however right now I can't recall where you get it from, it'll be in a post round here somewhere I know, but where is another matter.

What is a driver killer and what terms should I use to search posts for it(...I have tried "driver killer"!) Do you think I should reinstall windows xp with some older drivers and control panel known to work with the sapphire raedon 9600 atlantis 256 and known to give 856x480? If so what versions are known to work?

Originally posted by KraGorn
you need to be able to tell it to show all available modes at some point ..
Is there a step by step guide on how to do all of this from a fresh install of XP?

Please please help as I am totally stumped and I need to get this HCPC doing what I spent time and money to get.


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You shouldn't be having a hard time doing this, it sounds as though something is amiss right enough.

ATI control panel is not needed, so don't try putting that into the mix. I don't know where you got instructions from on the forum, but if you haven't already done so, check This Post - Hoglet's guide is an excellent walk-through.

When you're setting this up on your normal monitor, you should Right-click on the Desktop, click Settings, Advanced, Monitor, and un-tick the box marked "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display".

This Thread contains other trouble-shooting tips associated with difficulties with custom resolutions, I haven't seen "scrolling desktop" problems with the AE100, but there are comprehensive instructions in that thread for clearing Catalyst Drivers and installing the latest versions. I'm running Cat 3.1, nice and stable, and have no desire whatsoever to change them....... but if you have to do it then the instructions are there.

You could also make sure that your hcpc thinks it's connected to a widescreen monitor (not sure if you've already dealt with this...... if you have you can ignore this.......)

The common way to do this is to install the Sony GDM W900 monitor Driver. Win XP already has this driver - no need to D/L. Right click on the Desktop, click Properties/Settings/Advanced/Monitor/Properties, select driver tab, update driver, Advanced Don't search, Un-tick Show Compatible Hardware, select Sony from the list of Manufacturers in the left-hand pane, and select the GDM W900 from the list of monitors in the right-hand pane. finish off there and it will install the Sony Widescreen monitor driver. This can help sort out some stuff.

Hope you get this sorted out......... the AE100 in 1:1 mode is worth doing........

All the best,

Sean G.


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After a further 5 hours I got to 856x482 by selecting 16.9 button in the custom window of pstrip. I kept following the instructions again and again until just now after 8 hours I have 856x480. Thanks sooo much you two for the time you have given me its made a real difference :smashin:
Next step the mysteries of dscaler! :eek:
Thanks again


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Glad you got your result...................... 1:1 = favourite food.... Mmmm...

Sean G.

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