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Hi all, just got a Panny LMD70 LCD and i've hooked up my pc to it via vga, i've checked and it does support pixel mapping via vga. . I've set the resolution at 1366 x 768. I've been messing with the clock, clock phase and h/v adjustment on the lcd but i cannot get it pixel mapped. I the text on one side of the screen is sharp it'll be blurry in the middle etc etc.

What is the best method to get it mapped? i.e what order should i do things in?

I'm using nokia test pattern etc to try and sort it.

Any ideas anyone?


You need Powerstrip. Download and install it, load it up, then select Custom Resolutions and select the exact resolution you want (1366 x 768) and click Add. Powerstrip will then test the resolution to see if it is compatible with your graphics card. If it all works OK this custom resolution will be saved (you may need to reboot before you can test it), and you should then be able to select 1366 x 768 with perfect pixel mapping.

If Powerstrip fails then your graphics card is not capable of outputting this resolution properly. Try it and see what happens.

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