Help with pioneer mini disc recorder


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I am using a Pioneer Minidisc Recorder MJ-D508 and it is unable to play my minidisc back to me. I know there is audio on my mini discs because i can listen back to it on headphones but when i put it in the recorder and press play it just says no audio. It's the first time I have used this piece so am a novice to it and need some help, i know there is audio there but why can't the recorder see it? Help!


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Do you mean you can hear it on headphones on another machine?
I am not familliar with the pioneer. I do know longer play versins of minidisc were introduced. Could ther be an incompatibility with something like this?
Have you tested the machine by recording /playing something else on it?


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minidisc players that are incompatable with lp2/lp4 will often display no audio,although they apper to read the disc....


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This recorder only plays SP disks which consist of stereo recordings. Although it is capable of doubling the recording time by switching to mono, it is not capable of playing LP2 or LP4 recordings.
The tracks will be visible but not playable.

Excellent minidisc recorder though and super if you use the DAC to play your music through at 48khz
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