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Help with Pioneer HTP GS1 / ceiling speakers and speaker selector switch


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No laughing please :)

I have been using an old Pioneer HTP GS1 Amp (They were originally sold as a 5.1 system for the xbox 360) for the last 7 years to power 4 x speakerkraft ceiling speakers, it works really really well, the sound quality is good and the it goes louder than I could ever stand, I combined this with a chromecast audio, so I could play straight off my phone wirelessly and it would play throughout the house.

I have recently moved house, so I intended to buy 6 x speakerkraft ceiling speakers this time around and use the basic Pioneer amp again, the amp only has 5 speaker outputs, so I planned to buy a selector switch so I could turn them off individually if needed and power all 6 speakers at once occasionally.

I realise the amp is basic and doesnt not have a great power output, but my question was: which one of the five outputs on the amp do I wire into the switch? does it matter?

Thanks Mark

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