Help with Pinnacle Studio AV/DV 9



Bought and installed on my PC last month.

The footage Pinnacle have on as an example works fine including all the editing functions and I've read the manual twice now.

Problems come with trying to record from old video 8 footage played on a relatively new video 8 Samsung camcorder.

The pictures are recorded but the sound packs up after about 8 seconds on the three tapes I've tried so far.

It also seems to eat memory with my PC only having 22 spare gigabytes.

Anybody got a clues why the sound doesn't record properly?


Not sure I can help with your sound problem, but don't worry about it eating up memory - this is standard as 1 hour of video footage take up about 14Gb of disk space.

Is you problem only with your old tapes? Does new footage capture OK?

Also, how much RAM does your PC have? 256Mb is Ok, but 512 or more is better.

If your PC is of a good enough spec, I'd strongly recommend that you purchase an additional hard disk and use this solely for your video capture - 250Gb drive are quite cheap these days.

I used to use Pinnacle and had no problem capturing my old Hi8 films using my digital 8 camcorder, so it should be possible for you to do this. However, Pinnacle is notoriously buggy, and whilst some people use it with no problems, others experience lots of 'niggly' issues (and, like me, end up buying something better and more stable).

Sorry I can't be of any further help at this time.
Have a look at Pinnacles web site support area. Out of sync audio and video seems to be a common problem with analogue captures as they are seperate tracks. As mentioned in the previous post, a seperate hard disk is recommended and this should preferably be on a different ide channel in the PC.

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