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Help with Panasonic viera plasma / usb


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Hey all :)

I'm wondering if anyone can offer any help or advice. I have a Panasonic TH-P50UT30A. Since I got the TV I have been able to watch movies from a friends HDD via USB no problem. However, the TV does not seem to want to record to this HDD, nor can I use the HDD to utilise the live pause/ffwd/rew TV functions. Inaddition to this, I have also tried using a USB memory stick/thumb drive. This just wont do anything. At all. When I plug it in, the "usb device detected" thingy pops up. But that's it. I can't record to it. And when I try to access it or perform any kind of set up, it says there's no USB device connected, despite the fact that the TV has already said USB device detected.

I'm beginning to get a little frustrated and annoyed at the lack of functionality that I seem to be experiencing.

Any ideas ? Anyone ?

Thank you :)


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I "think" your model is playback only from USB, pretty sure this query popped up once before re the same model.


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USB Information of VIERA 2011-year Models (Option 5_1a) | TV | Digital AV | Consumer Products | Support | Panasonic Global

Your TV has been confirmed to record via USB to the following USB-HDD models.
(USB 2.0, Capacity of 160 GB to 3 TB, need to use an AC adaptor)


Model Number
Buffalo DriveStation HD-LBU2 Series

Operation is not guaranteed in the all cases.
Operation is not guaranteed with all hardware and software revisions.
The USB-HDD models may not be sold in the country where you are using the TV.
Analogue TV programmes cannot be recorded to the USB HDD.
Not all the programmes can be recorded depending on the broadcaster and service provider.
When the TV is repaired due to a malfunction, you may have to format the USB HDD again with the TV to use it. (All data will be erased when formatting.)
In order to use the USB HDD with your PC after recording with this TV, format it again on your PC. (Special operations or tools may be necessary to format on your PC. For details, refer to the manual of the USB HDD.)
The data recorded to the USB HDD with this TV can only be played back on this TV. You cannot playback the data on other TVs (including the TV of the same model number) or any PCs.
The capacity of USB HDD that have been tested for the performance with this TV : From 160GB to 3 TB. (You must use an AC adaptor.)


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Apologies, I searched 50UT30 USB in the Panasonic search box and it threw up this list.

USB Information of VIERA for Oceania | TV | Digital AV | Consumer Products | Support | Panasonic Global

Then found TH P50UT30A (Australia) and posted that result.

USB Information of VIERA 2011-year Models (Option 5_1a) | TV | Digital AV | Consumer Products | Support | Panasonic Global

I may be wrong but there's my working out.

Oops sorry - didn't pick up the fact it was a 50UT30A (australian version) :blush:


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You need to format the hard drive to panasonics exclusive format to record on it, once formated all your videos will be gone and you won't be able to use the drive on any other device till you re-format it.

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