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Just running cables for overhead atmos and rear speakers before ceilings boarded and after some advice on placement. I am going for a 5.1.2 layout. The overhead speakers are Monitor Audio C265-FX - when spoke to someone at Richer sounds they advised to face the tweeters towards wall. I do not have an ideal place for rear surround speakers as there is no rear wall ! I do however have a bit of wall high up as shown in photo below and best compromise (hint given from this forum) was to use some Monitor Audio Silver AMS 7G Atmos speakers mounted on wall facing down towards MLP :


Wall mounted atmos speaker pointing down :


I have read the ceiling speakers should be just in from of MLP from the dolby guide, I also have a slight complication in part of the ceiling is sloped (tv/main speakers on end wall where light patch is) :


The centre of the from speakers is 28cm from right hand wall and 95cm from left (sub is in corner) and cabled for this, layout of room below:


The main front speakers are blue, ceiling speakers pink and rears mounted up high are green. I am just not sure of the spacing on the centres and rears. Read in dolby guide that the two ceiling atmos should be in line with fronts and looking at guides rears out wider although they are normally angled to MLP. I can't go out much wider with the rears or would be very close to the walls - I was planning on just lining ceiling and rears up with centre line of the fronts as in the diagram, any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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I'm a novice but this is what I would do.

Unless you have a dedicated room, you'll always have to make comprises. Looking at your diagram, one worry would be the large opening (I guess bi fold doors causing reflections).

As to ceiling speakers. They should line up with the front RL pair, but they can be brought in a little. So long as they are just right and left of the main listening position.

If you are going for 4 in ceiling. You want the rears behind you (or above if comprising) and the fronts a meter or so Infront of the sofa.

Height works as, percentage from front to back off room

Height front 0%
Top front 25%
Top middle 50%
Top rear 75%
Height rear 100%

From your diagram I would stick 2 above the sofa as far back as possible. Using the c265idc you can tilt then towards the main listening position. Set as top rear. Then put the next set between the sofa and TV and set as top front.

If you prefer to go height instead of top, the monitor Atmos or Dali alteco would be ok.

Don't forget your firehoods and LSZH cable.


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@DarkConvict you might not need the firehoods, as it looks like there is not a floor above this. I could be wrong. I'm not sure about the LSZH cable if I'm honest. If I see my spark I will ask if, for speaker cable this is an actual requirement. I do recall regs changing that any normal twin and earth running in corridors now needs to be attached to the wall with metal straps as they had issues in fires that these cables would fall due to using the old plastic clips and causing a problem for our fire brigade !

If you can do LSZH in any situation, go for it. But I would only do so if I HAD too.

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