help with orange live box


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I know is been ask before but i try and try and try but is still refusing to connect with the wii.I read some post before but is not really help who someone be so nice to tell me again how set up the connection?:lease:


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I have an orange live box and just followed the instructions and it went through first time, I know thats not very helpful but thats what i found.


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Have you definately pressed the '1' button near the usb port?

this will allow wireless connection for 10 minutes?

otherwise you may need toaccess the settings page for the box here;

but be carefull! dont just cange stuff that you dont know what it does. or if youdo, always make a note of what it was previously.

maybe post your settings on here, apart fromsecurity stuff of course! and

ill have a look at my settings after work today if thats any help.

cheers, pixel


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I have the livebox and it works fine.

You have to do a manual setup, it won't work with auto. It was the same with the DS.

Remember and press button 1 and be carefully entering your WEP key.

Should work first time.

I didn't need to change anything in the Inventel ADSL configuration pages and never have.

If you know the password you can check the data given in those pages and view all associated devices once everything is working.

I have my PC and the XBOX360 connected wired to the red and yellow ports on the livebox. Then the PSP, the Wii, 2 DS's and a laptop are connected wirelessly.

The most hassle was the laptop to be honest!!

Do you have anything connected wirelessly already?? Just in case the wireless function is turned off.

I can help you tonight too if you like. I think the Livebox is brill. Free VOIP calls too!


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I am also using the livebox, do you know it has bluetooth if you update it.

Anyway, I had probs connecting mine until I knocked down the security from PSK to normal WEP.


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I am also using the livebox, do you know it has bluetooth if you update it.

Yep, bluetooth functionality is there. Also the "coming soon" Liveprinter function which I guess is to connect a printer to the USB port and print from perhaps a laptop when the main PC is off.

No use to me though. I don't have a printer. That's why they have printers at work is it not??? ;)



I had problems setting up my Orange livebox but its working fine now, go into you Wii settings do a manual search for internet, choose wirless and change it to just use the WEP code ( on bottom of your Livebox ) I didnt need the other options it gave, then type it in carefully. do this before you press 1 on your livebox as it can take some time as its fiddly. it should find you livebox automatically then.
good luck it took me ages to suss it out

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