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Help with optimising connections

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by harrison99, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. harrison99


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    I'm after some help on the confusing subject of optimal connections.I have the following equipment:

    - Panasonic Viera plasma TV
    - Panasonic E55 DVD recorder
    - Denon AVR770SD AV amp
    - NTL digital cable TV box (scart only, no audio)

    I have connected these as follows:

    - NTL cable box to DVD recorder via scart
    - DVD recorder to TV via component video and scart (needed for sound on DVD replay according to TV manual)
    - TV audio out to AV amp via 2*RCA cable
    - DVD to AV amp via digital optical cable

    I did originally envisage connecting the DVD component output into the AV amp and then connectinbg the amp to the TV - but think that this would not allow me to record from the NTL box.

    Can anyone advise me if this is an optimal config? If not, how should the units be connected?

    Many thanks

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