Help with optimal sound connections from PC and TV to Av Receiver

Apr 4, 2021
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Current Setup :-
AVR : Yamaha RX-V377 AV Receiver
Blu-Rau Smart Player : Samsung BD F7500 Blu-ray (1080p)
PC with GTX 750 TI Graphics Card

New Setup :-
4K TV : LG C1 OLED (Just upgraded from a Panasonic TX-P55VT65B (1080p) Plasma)
AVR : Thinking of upgrading the AV receiver to a Denon AVR-S660H
PC : Building a new PC with NVidia RTX 3070 ti Graphics Card
New HDMI 2.1 cables

01. Currently the PC is connected to the TV via a HDMI cable and an Optical Digital cable is connected from the PC to the AV Receiver to get the sound. Is it possible to get the sound as well through the HDMI cable by using the ARC connection?

02. Currently the Blu-Ray Smart Player is connected to the TV and AV receiver through the HDMI using the ARC connection on the AV Receiver and works fine. I usually watch content via MKV files that are stored on a USB Pen and plugged into the Smart Player.

Since the Blu-Ray player does not support 4K then in order to watch 4K content I would have to put the USB Pen in the side of the LG TV and use the TV's own smart player. Is it also possible to get the sound through the HDMI/ARC in the same way or would I just have to connect an Optical Digital cable from the TV to the AV Receiver to get the sound.

03. Is it worth upgrading the AV Receiver? I believe the proposed Denon one has HDMI 2.1 ports and supports 4k at 120hz which is one of the reasons I chose that TV for gaming. I am guessing that if I have to connect both using Optical Digital cables then it won't make any difference as the connection will be straight from the PC to the TV which supports the 120hz rate with the new HDMI 2.1 cable. But if connecting devices to the AV Receiver to get the sound as well then would that mean that the 120hz would be scaled down according to my current AVR? In which case might be worth upgrading the AVR.
I managed to figure this out. By keeping the HDMI cable from the PC to the TV but also connecting another HDMI cable from the TVs E-ARC to the AVR's ARC was able to get the sound when content was played from the USB stick in the side of the TV.

And for the PC same setup except had to change the Sound Settings to output to the TV.

So my question now is do you think its worth upgrading the AVR? Im thinking more the Yamaha RX-V4A. Im guessing the only real advantage is that would use E-ARC instead of just the standard ARC? So the picture would not make any difference set up this way i.e I would still get the 120hz when connecting the appropriate HDMI 2.1 cables?

Im not interested in more than a 5.1 setup. I can also see that all five speakers use the round connections. On my current one the centre speaker has those clips and its hard to get the thick speaker wire into it.

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