Help with Optical to Analogue and Sennheisser RS170


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Nov 26, 2010
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Hi all from a forum newbie,

I've just been given some Sennheiser RS170 Wireless Headphones as a gift and I'm having some trouble finding an optimum setup.

The AV items I have are:
Samsung TV PS42C450
Hanspree TV ST251 25"
Sennheiser RS170 Wireless Headphones

Soon to buy:
HDMI Splitter
Digital to Analogue Audio Converter
Sky HD

The problem is the only "usable" audio out I have on the Samsung at the moment is the headphone jack, but that mutes the sound altogether, and with the Samsung being wall mounted it's not viable to plug/unplug all the time.

I'm hoping I can get a Digital to Anaolgue Converter and use the Optical Out on the back of the Samsung, something like this.

Then all I would need to do is use the supplied RCA to 3.5mm adapter for the back of the base receiver for the RS170's. Can anyone see any problems with this?

The Samsung has the option to send the sound to external only, I'm assuming this would be via the optical out therefore giving me the choice to have TV sound muted or not?

I have attached an image to try to illustrate what I mean.


Lastly the reason I have opted for that particular HDMI splitter is that it allows different inputs to be displayed on different outputs simultaneously which is a must for me. If people feel there is a better product that would suit my needs I'm all ears!

If this has been posted in the wrong section then MOD's please move if required.

Thanks for any help in advance and be glad to hear any feedback.
I've given your diagram/logic some thinking and I have a couple of comments/observations to make.

Your TV apparently will down convert any multi-channel digital input (say HDMI from Sky/PS3) to a 2 channel output on the optical output of the TV.


So if you connect Sky/PS3 with 2 x HDMI to your TV, you just need to feed the digital/analogue converter directly from your TV and not bother with the "digital splitter".


Well, that's what I think anyway!
not wishing to get into the digital cable debate - yes i believe that any digital cable will either work or not.

therefore the one you mentioned is fine, as will be the 2m poundland optical cables!

however if you want a better built cable take a look at the fisual super pearl cables from avonline - £10 ish
While I think its worth buying one that wont fall apart

(which is not necessarily related to price IMO, the only optical that I have experienced failure on is a relatively expensive QED one I had where the end fell off. The mega cheap 1.99 Game special I got in a sale a while ago has been fine)

I'm honestly completely bewildered as to why some gold plating makes any difference to an optical cable

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