help with obtaining mac code from orange


my story goes like this
i was signed up to orange wireless and talk 8mb costing 33.99 per month from 12th feb 06
but we had bother with there service from day 1 they are no good at customer care they dont care about their customers just happy to take peoples monies
anyways i have rung them all year round for different problems and have been given brush off ,had phones put down on me etc .
i have used outragous amounts of phone credit trying to resolve matters
any ways i have stopped ringing them now as i get highly strung with them so her indoors takes care of this now
this is where my new problem has arrised
had a payment issue about 2 weeks ago
so got mrs's to ring up and the customer service and the man on the phone said he isnt supposed to tell us this but we should not be paying the 33.99 and to downgrade to broadband unlimited so wor lass went for this and done as the man said and now
to cut a long story short
i have a crappy 1mb connection on some LLU line
but according to there site my service would be unaffected (this was in bold on orange member centre)is this not breaking there own aggreement
i now have a new 12 month contract according the supervisor on the orange customer care team and i cant get out of the service unless i pay 219 quid for my mac number please can you lot help me here


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well i would argue that they are not providing the service they advertise, falsley, misled your MRS into thinking she was getting a better deal, which was actually worse therefore making the 12 month agreement null and void, also if you have just changed to this service do you not have a 14 or 21 day cooling of period?

go on stick it up them! :censored:


just cancel the DD at the bank and write them a letter telling them to get stuffed and that you are seeing advice from Citizens Advice and if need be will be contacting a lawyer


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Normally you can cancel any financial contract like a phone one within 28 might have to check that out with CAB but pretty sure thats the legal stated limit, a company cant say less unless the contracts less obviously......

Also if its just over that time (ie you get your first statement) and you feel they misrepresented their offer during the conversation then you might have grounds to still have it cancelled under misleading offers....again you need to confirm this with either Trading Standards or CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau)

Dont leave it too long though, confirm this info with the offices i mention and then act on it......if what i'm saying is right and they try to refuse then simply inform them you'll be contacting a lawyer, trading standards and watchdog......most companies at this point fold in and say fair do's, how can we sort it out for you....

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