help with new xbox 360 replacing existing xbox 360


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I have a brand new xbox 360 which I am going to keep. I also have an older xbox 360 which I am giving to my cousin. What i wanted help with was how to ensure I don't lose any data and make sure that it works on xbox live.

Firstly can i transfer data from the old hard drive to the new one? Or should i just put my old hard drive on the new xbox?

I presume i will have to change the mac address in my router settings to the new xbox?

Are there any problems with the above? any other things i need to look out for?



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Shouldn't make any difference to your online settings if it autodetects as most do.

I'd just siwtch harddrives, though I'm sure a new HDD would be nice but if you really want to keep your gamesaves then your going to have to buy a memory card to transfer the saves.


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certain games will not transfer onto the memory card....PDZero for one.


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