Help with new speakers please


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I just got a new Yamaha ns-c444 center speaker and
a new Yamaha ns-555 front loudspeakers
the frequency response for the center speaker is 65 hz-35 khz and the
frequency response for the front loudspeakers is 35 hz-35 khz
the surrounds i have for now are small sony satellite speakers
(from the sa-ve367t home theater speaker package) the frequency response on them are 100hz-27,000hz

I'm askin what should I set the crossover on the subwoofer and the reciever crossover frequency???
and what should i set the volume to on my yamaha yst-sw315 subwoofer and the volume on my reciever subwoofer volume???
and should I set the front large loudspeakers, small or large???

For better specs of my yamaha speakers

Ian J

Switch the crossover on the subwoofer as high as it will go or preferably off if it has that facility so that the bass management is done only by the receiver.

I would start off by setting all of the speakers to small and if you have a choice of crossover frequencies on the Receiver try it at 80Hz. That is a pretty standard setting but you will lose some information from the rears so listen to some films and music and films on that setting as a starting off point then increase the crossover to 100Hz to see whether the increased information audible from the rears is worthwhile. I would also have a test at a lower crossover than 80Hz to see how that effects everything.

Having decided on what your idea of the optimum setting is, try again setting the front speakers to large and see what audible difference there is.

There is no right or wrong.

Cable Monkey

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If the crossover is set down to 80hz but your rears only go down to 100 hz, you lose some of the information to the rears between the 2 frequencies.


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so i should just set it to 100hz???
to balance the frequency right???
rather than setting it to 80hz???

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