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Hello, I am in the market for upgrading my old Integra DTR5.4. We bought the house we are currently in so the entire system came pre-installed with the house. We just upgraded to the new Samsung QLED Q90T tv so we need a new receiver to hook up to our system. I am not really fond of audio systems/receivers so I went to my local BestBuy who sent out a guy to come to take a look and recommend us systems. The two recommendations he came up with were Denon AVR-X2700H and the Marantz SR5015. Unfortunately, right now the X2700H is out of stock so I kind of feel pressured to go for the more expensive receiver but would like input from knowledgeable people. He had also mentioned we could opt for the cheaper Denon AVR-X1600H. From what I know we have 5 speakers with 1 subwoofer (I think like I said not too sure). The only thing I see the difference between the two receivers is the power delivery. What do you guys think of these two recommendations and if need be should I just opt for the cheaper option? I know the information given was little and to be honest, I have zero clue what speakers/sub we have. All I know they are Sonance speakers and Subs and on the back of the sub I see "Sonance SON OF SUB" with a power rating of 115/230v - 60/50hz 300W which is powered via a power cord connected to the wall.

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I would go for the Denon X2700H as it will give you some future proofing if your speaker config needs to change in the future and supports all audio and video formats you will ever need.

if you order before 3pm you will receive next day by DPD
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THe 2 AVR receivers you've been recommended are basically the same. Both Denon and Marantz belong to the same parent company (Sound United) and share much the same components and features. You do pay a premium for the Marantz products though due to Marantz's hifi heritage. Many regard the Marantz signature sound as being preferable if wanting to portray music and both models are tuned differently to give them their own signature sounds in alignment with DEnon's and Marantz's own ideals of what their producys should sound like.

Neither receiver will give you much different apart from their signature sound. THey both have the exact same capabilities and use much the same components. THe Marantz model does have some minor extras though such as a full set of pre outs:

The AVRX1600 is indeed less powerful, but also a slighly older model lacking the inclusion of an HDMI version 2.1 chipset. Whether you'd benefit from this chipset is debatable though? It would also have fewer HDMI inputs, only one output and some of the features you'd get with the other 2 models will be absent.
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I wouldn't get too hung up on the differences between the amplifier power outputs of these models. The X2700 outputs 95W per channel and the X1600 80W per channel. That 19% greater power output might sound like a lot but in practice it equates to an imperceptible 0.7dB which is only a 5% increase in perceived loudness.

By comparison, your old Integra is rated very similar at 85W channel so if you found that model powerful enough then you should have no problem with either of these.

I suggest you should therefore make your decision on feature differences only and not power ratings.


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Thank you guys, I may just opt for the X1600. We really aren't looking for the best sound possible nor the fastest response time. I'd really like the 2700 but it just out of stock in the US. I am just going to wait a week or two to see if it comes back in stock but going for the premium $1200 Marantz just doesn't seem to be worth it in my opinion.

I appreciate the feedback!

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