Help with new GTX 1650 install on older computer


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Hi all,

I purchased a GTX 1650 to try and upgrade the GPU but am having an issue.

Summary: Older computer I'm looking to upgrade.

My computer/ motherboard:​
Computer: HP Pavilion HPE h8-1120
IPISB-CU (Carmel2)
Manufacturer: Pegatron​
BaseBoard: 2AC2​
My current video card:​
AMD Radeon HD 6570​
PCI Express 2.0 x16​

I've installed the 1650 in the HP - it beeps once at the HP startup page (the one that shows "hit ESC to enter startup mode") then beeps a few more times. I can't get past that. The keyboard and mouse don't seem to work.

I've looked around the forums and see mention of UEFI, bios updates, uninstalling old drivers first, etc...

I used DDU to uninstall the AMD drivers from my old card, shut down, inserted the new 1650 and restart. Still get the single beep then 3 or 4 more on the HP screen and it never moves past that.

I looked into a bios update - it currently has a bios from July 2011. The last bios update Feb 2012. I can't imagine that 7 months would make a difference for the 1650 video card installation given it's 2020.

Could I be wrong?

I'm wondering if there's some setting in the bios or some other setting dealing with UEFI or something else that might help?

I had the machine open when I tried to boot and the fan on the 1650 was spinning (not sure if that means much but....)

Any thoughts?


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Person with similar problem here with explanation.

It seems newer GPU's no longer ship with a legacy bios that the old HP needs to initialize the video past the bios screen.

Some GPU cards have a bios switch on them to activate the older mode but if you dont have that then you could be out of luck.

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