help with new build .


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hi, and hello to everyone. i am on here just to ask anyone who can help me with specific parts for a new build for a decent games pc, i have built one before but quite a while ago and am not to sure on the latest parts .. it is for my son mainly used for gameing . the parts i am looking for are-
proccesser #
graphics card #
case #
procc cooling #

i have the other parts i will scavange from other pc. . i am not botherered if its amd or intel .. and am looking at a budget of about £350 .. thankyou for any help :thumbsup:


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If its primarily a gaming rig then £350 is not gonna cut it.


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its mainly gaming but i dont want top notch everything , just as long it plays newish games quite good much do you think then ? thanks for your reply.:)


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Secondhand everything, AMD processor, X1950 graphics, any old motherboard, 160 gig sata (or scavenge as you say), 2 gigs of ram, any old case, might just squeeze a nice fast system out of the budget but forget DX10 and Intel duo / quads.

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