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I've just pulled the trigger on a Marantz SR6015 and 4 Dali Alteco's to go with my QAcoustics 2000i surround speakers (with 3020i front speakers) and replacing my Sony STRDN1050, and I have a few questions.

I saw somewhere that there is a maximum height above listening height that Dolby recommend for placing height speakers, but looking at Dolby's guides, they only seem to mention ceiling speakers and up-firing speakers. I want to mount mine close to the ceiling. Do I need to take anything into account and maybe mount them a bit lower?

Edit: I've just found Dali's whitepaper on the Altecos and for height, they recommend as close to the ceiling as possible

I wasn't expecting to purchase the receiver today but I did and now I'm in a bit of a rush to make sure I have cables for everything.

I've read that the Alteco wire grips are a little narrow. The rest of my system has 12 AWG copper wire to avoid signal loss over long distances. Is this to thick for the Altecos? What wire gauge would fit?

Edit, looks like my options for speaker cable are:
12 AWG
14 AWG (2mm)
16 AWG (1.5mm)

Above is what I found on Amazon listings, below is what I found on a chart elsewhere for AWG. Center column is inches, mm is on the right.


I wonder if some amazon sellers are using different gauges?

I've seen in another thread that 2.5mm is to thick to fit, the OP asked for 1.5mm recommendations, I'm wondering if anyone has had success with 2mm (14 AWG) with these speakers?
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Just use the wire and ignore the pin/plug. That would be my advice :)


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Thanks for all your suggestions, I ended up getting a reel of OFC 14 AWG which fitted perfectly, if a little snuggly. Any thicker and it wouldn't have fit without trimming. I'm still not sure what that translates to in mm² but I think it was 2mm²?

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