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Help with new amp selection


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Hello there everyone, I've been lurking for a long time and thought it time to ask for help.

I currently have a Sony STR-DB940 amp with B&W CDM7 SE's, a CDMC SE and some Wharfdale DFS's at the back.

I've never been too happy with the sound of this setup for music (although admittedly I use it almost entirely for movies) and am looking to upgrade the amp in preparation for a BluRay player and hopefully to improve the Stereo situation.

My budget is ideally £400 or so (although less would be much easier to justify to SWMBO).

I'm (obviously) considering the Onkyo 606, but am also looking at the Denon 1908 and possibly another Sony.

Having said that, I'm open to any suggestions as to what would suit the B&W's best.

I will probably be mating a PS3 up to this for BluRay, so accepting HD audio over LPCM is a necessity.

Thanks for your help,



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Did you do a search as there are a ton of threads like this? I have no idea which receiver would sound good with your B&W's but in the end, you need to demo the receiver with some B&W's to give you an idea and listen with your own ears.

As your 940 has pre-out connections, have you considered simply adding an integrated hifi amp (even 2nd hand) to improve your music listening? You could connect up a hifi amp from the likes of Sony, Harmon Kardon, Marantz, Rotel (ideal partner for B&W), Arcam etc. and let the Sony drive the rears, centre and sub. The hifi amp would drive your fronts giving you better sq for music.

If you do go for a new amp, I'm sure you're aware of the current and future models that would suit your requirement for LPCM over HDMI. The Marantz SR40002 is probably the most musical receiver of the current crop of HDMI receivers but I've never heard one for myself. Other musical receivers would be Cambridge Audio or Arcam but both makes lack HDMI audio, they simply switch HDMI sources. Outwith that there are a number to choose from inc. Onkyo (hideous looking), Yamaha 761 and newer 763 models, Denon 1908 and Pioneer 1018.

However, your current amp has analogue inputs, so if you choose the right bluray player (Personally I would wait or buy a PS3 and worry about HD audio later) you could utilise those for HD audio.

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