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At the moment i am using a livebox but need 3 ethernet ports since i want to leave my xbox permanently connected.

I also need a print server.

If i buy this:

Will i be able to connect my livebox into one ethernet port and then my vista pc, xp pc and xbox to the others and my macbook via wireless and will they still all connect to the internet and be able to share the printers.



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From what I see the Livebox is the main router/modem for your house. The Print server will connect to the the live box wirelessly and give extra ports and a printer output. Be careful as some print servers do not work that good with photo printers.
If all the kit is in the same room just add a switch/hub to expand your ports, a 5 port switch can be connected to the live box on one port.
I.E. Output port 1 of livebox to one input on the switch/hub that will leave 2 ports on the livebox and 4 spare on the switch/hub, so a total of 6 ports are available. Now you can use a wired print server for the printer if compatible or connect the printer to one of your main PC's and switch on file/print sharing, the PC with the printer attached has to be on to allow printing.
A switch/hub is very cheap or and have 9 ports spare.

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