Help with my wall mount - locking mech?


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I bought a wall mount a while back, but didn't fit it at the time, it's the same as this one:

* LLOYTRON LCD/PLASMA TV WALL MOUNT 32"-60"* BNIB on eBay, also, Wall Mounts Brackets, TV Accessories, Consumer Electronics (end time 29-May-09 21:13:26 BST)

Now, I have the instructions - usual thing, the bars attach to back of TV, which rest onto the wall mount. A locking bar is slid in along the bottom to stop it falling, and can be padlocked. Thing is, this doesn't lock the mount tight, you could still slide the TV along if you wanted to.

On the side of the bars on the TV there are a pair of small plates with screws in, which i assume are used to lock the mount tight, so that it won't slide.

Trouble is, they are not mentioned in the manual, I have a recollection of their being an ammendment mentioning them, but I can't find it.

I'll take some pics in a bit if it isn't clear, but does anyone know what I mean, and what you are meant to do with them?

If I put them one way around, they lock it up, but protude further back than the wallmount, and so wouldn't fit against the wall. Fit them the other way around and they fit flush, but the locking back won't go in as they block the lower part of the slide hole.


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Right, hopefully some pics will help.

Here is the bracket installed with the (presumably) locking plates keeping it all nice & tight, but, as it stands the 'locking' bar can't be fed through:



With the plates loosened (top screw removed), you can see where the lock bar passes through:



You can see that with the plates this way around they can't lock in in place as the bar is in the way.

But if you turn them around, it's fine:


Now this is how I thought they should fit, but looking at it yesterday they seemed to stick out further than the wall mount, meaning it wouldn't fit when I came to put it on the wall. However, today i put a straight edge on it, and it looks like the edge of the mount is quite curved, and so in fact, it probably will fit this way.

For anyone else who's had a similar mount, does this last picture look right?

Seems a bit of a daft idea, even with a 32" screen you'll need quite a long screwdriver, with a 60" screen you'd need a really long screwdriver to get to them!!


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I think you have the bar correctly, even if it does stick off the back a bit.

I think this is the same mount that you have (got it from their catalog) It looks like the bar in the catalog is positioned exactly as you have it in the last image.



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Thanks, the bar is OK, it was the locking tabs (silver plates with two screws through) that I was unsure about, but I'm 99% sure the last pic is right :)

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