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Hi guys,

i have a Onkyo TX-SR607 receiver a PS3, XBOX 360 & an Acer Revo Dual Core connected to my new LG PK590.

Now i have bought some HDMI 1.3c cables, some 1.4 cables and no matter what I do I cant get the damn thing to do pass-through 1080p from my PS3 & 360. But my Revo Does.

they are connected as below ::

360 - Component
Revo - HDMI

They all run through the Onkyo.

From reading the owners Topic, people are saying you need an official signed HDCP compliant 1.3 cable, now the ones I have bought said they where, but just don't work.

Does anyone know of any sites that sell 1.3 cables @ a decent price or has anyone had these issues with the correct cables.


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people are saying you need an official signed HDCP compliant 1.3 cable

There is no such thing , thats advertising BS , lies basically.
The HDMI version number applies to the interface electronics only and not the cables.
Anything on the packaging or cable that says differently is blatant dishonesty.

Cables come in Category 1 and Category 2 , thats standard speed and high speed.

There are also Category 1 with ethernet and Category 2 with ethernet , these are designed to work the new ethernet function on devices with HDMI 1.4 interfaces and the ethernet function.

From the sound of it , it is highly unlikely that the cables are your problem here.

But just in case , swap each one out with the cable connected to the Revo and see if they work. If so , the cables are not your problem and you need to get out the users manual for the 607 and find out what your doing wrong.

By the way , do not hotplug , hotplugging is removing and connecting HDMI with the power on , this can do some serious damage , always make sure the units are switched off when changing cables around.

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