Help with my new Pioneer 5100



Just set it up first problem was the ghosting effect managed to reduce this to an acceptable level with a bit of tweaking with the settings. So far so good.

First question what video settings are people finding the best?

Second problem went to hook up my Digi box 2 choices composite or RGB :(

At the moment I have it hooked up as composite which is ok in fact there seams to be an improvement from the feed to the playback.

My main questions are Do I buy an RGB2SVid Converter? Will I notice a vast improvement? Is it worth the extra cash? And which one JS Technology or Keene or Scancom Or any other option?


PS all in all I am well pleased!

The best option the 5100 offers is s-video.The lack of RGB input is a bit bad,but if you get Sky+ you will gain an s-video output on that.If I did not have Sky+ I would not have bought the 5100.I archive a lot of stuff from Digital tv and find composite is unacceptable.I think Sky+ would be a better investment than an RGB-s-video converter.If you are only viewing and not collecting ,watch the RGB input on your tv's other scart.If you collect dvd's,buy the converter.
I agree,its an excellent machine.Makes my HS2 look decidedly dated.
Have a look on the digital spy forum

there is a huge thread on the poineer 5100
I have Sky but not sky+ (without S-video) output and Pioneer 5100, so i collecting most of shows sf on DVD, so can i improve recording quality with that converter ?

thanks in advance for answer
so i collecting most of shows sf on DVD, so can i improve recording quality with that converter ?
You will get a dramatic increase in recorded picture quality by purchasing a RGB-to-S-Video converter. The actual quality will depend on what converter you get and how much you pay but some good units that balance price/quality can be purchased from the likes of:
I'm sure other people will offer their own preferences.

Do note though if you watch much 'live' Sky and currently watch the RGB picture you will, depending upon your setup, notice a dip in quality due to the switch from RGB to S-Video unless you buy a splitter to sit before the converter.

The Pioneer models seem to have real problems with composite video input due to poor quality components, and you will find composite is worse on the Pioneer then anything else, in fact down right horrible.

I would follow Rasczak suggestion and get an RGB to S-Video convertor.


Do you have this one? Whats it like? People seem to rave about JS for only £25 more. Depends might upgrade to sky+ as Telewest has no EPG worth talking about and no timer need sorted before I go on Hols:)
Do you have this one? Whats it like?
What the RGB-to-S-Video converter I linked to? Yeah I have that one. I use a splitter to divide the RGB Out from the Sky+ box into two: one is routed directly to RGB in on my DVDR and the other goes into the RGB-to-S-Video converter to provide a S-Video picture for my S-VCR.

I'm wired up like this rather than using the Sky+ S-Video socket for two reasons: firstly I found the down-converted RGB picture slightly better than the direct S-Video picture. Secondly to use the Sky+ S-Video socket means I can't use 'normal' heavy duty cabling on the RGB socket due to the proximity of them to the audio sockets (it's necessary to use a flat cable or one that comes straight out and these are never as well wired as the decent 'normal' cabling). And anything that risks degrading the RGB signal is unacceptable IMHO.

I'm sure you can get much better RGB-to-S-Video converters than the one I listed - the Plasma forum is a good place to broach this subject. Personally I would suggest that as neither Sky, Cable or Freeview are particularly high quality sources investing in a top-end converter might not reap that much of a benefit.

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