HELP with my Marantz SR5007


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Hello everyone,

I am a bit desperate and hope you can give me some advice.
My Marantz SR5007 has not been working since I moved.
The unit was transported in original packaging and very carefully.

The following happens:
  • the unit turns on "the click sounds muffled".
  • after about 5 seconds the unit turns off "another muffled click" and the standby lamp flashes red.
  • reset was tried
  • the speakers (Teufel ultimate) were disconnected from the amplifier, but the problem remains.

Since the click sounds so different and the amplifier always goes back into protection mode I have the bad feeling that there is really something broken :-(

1.) what do you think could be the problem?
2.) I'm not technically a complete idiot - do you think I could change something myself?
3) do you have experience with the service of Marantz (my device was bought used)? I'm afraid that I won't be able to eat for a while ^^

Thanks for your answers and time.

Kind regards


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Disconnect everything from the AV receiver and then try powering it up. Itf the issue persists that this indicates that the issue is with the AV receiver as opposed to being with devices connected to it or the associated wiring, do however ensure that there are no scraps of speaker wire still arrached to the terminals that could be causing a short?

The AV receiver may have developed an internal short on one of its circuit boards. This can happen given that solder does degrade and can become brittle over time. Solder also remains maluable over its liftime and can sometimes cause a short when heated. It would be impossible to diagnose exactly what it causing your problem so I'd suggest you get a service centre to take a look. This will cost you money though. The initial diagnosis and examination wouldn't be free. Most places charge about £50 for this.
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Hey Dante,

Many thanks your reply and taking the time.
The backside is „clean“
I am afraid its an IC caused by the solders as you describe it on top.

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