Help with my Aktimate's & wood floor


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Hi everyone,

I've been reading through previous posts about wood flooring but I thought I'd post my own problem.

I bought the Aktimate's about 6 months ago & I absolutely love them. The problem is I had them in a nice carpeted, soft furnished large room & they we're away from any walls sat on a desk.

Now, I've just moved house & unfortunately I've ended up in a small room with wooden floors, wooden blinds, minimal bed, nothing on the walls etc. It's also an awkward shape, one of the walls is at a weird angle (not sure if that affects anything), so it isn't a standard rectangular room. The speakers must now be near the wall as well, maybe 1 foot away max.

As you can imagine, I have some very bright sounding speakers. They were bright in a good way previously but now they're too bright & echoey.

It's not unbearable, but I'm wondering if it's worth looking at some new speakers, or if a couple of rugs & curtains will sort it out?

Also, would the speakers being on stands help? I'm looking at buying a desk which will mean for now they'll just be mounted in that.

Any help is appreciated.



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I think a rug, some curtains and soft furnishings will make the world of difference, I remember when we moved into our new place, it was like being in a Church until we got the curtains up and rugs down on the bare wood floors

maybe something like Auralex Mopads will help if you have them desk mounted too :smashin:

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