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Hi All

firstly i know this is not in the right category, but there is no multiroom section! So was unsure of where to post!

I have a house which is wired for multiroom audio and i need some help with what amp / controllers to buy and was hoping i could get some help here or pointed in the right direction.

  • Firstly, the house has 4 zones, 3 of which have 'sub zones'.
  • The rooms already have Linn diskreet speakers in the ceiling.
  • All the speaker wire goes back to one location.
  • There is cat5 running from each room back to one location, there are cut outs in the walls for controllers.
I know this is the older method to go about it but it was already done!

I plan to put a sonos box in the same room as the amp for itunes link / internet radio / control via iphone.

now this might be a silly question but the multirooms amps i have seen so far are over 1k, i would like to have gone sonos, and there is wifi all over the house, could i not just stack sonos boxes?

I have looked at nuvo and linn, i expect the system was originally set up for linn products but not sure.




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The installers forum might be a better option but remember these guys normally charge for spec'ing a system up! There is a sub forum for music streamers too. Have a search there.

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