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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by rik1471, Oct 19, 2005.

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    I'm about to move into a my first place and have bought the following equipment:

    1 x Denon 1906 receiver
    1 x Pioneer 575 DVD
    1 x Sky plus
    1 x Canton CD1 speaker package
    1 x 32" LCD TV (for living room)
    1 x 20" LCD TV (for bedroom)

    I plan on running an S-Video cable to the bedroom from the 1906 so I can view Sky/DVD's in bed (would this be better than a wireless sender?) - the distance from the living room to bedroom is about 20ft.

    I was planning on buying a cheaper set of 5.1 speakers for the bedroom, my dilema is how do I connect them so they work with my dvd/sky/amp? What is the best way of sending the sound to the bedroom speakers? They don't have to be independant of the living room speakers; so maybe some sort of switching device????

    This is my first setup of this kind, and the first time I've bought an AV receiver - so please be kind (technophobe-friendly) :)

    Many thanks.


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