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Mar 25, 2022
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Hello everyone and I want to thank you in advance for being willing to help me.

Now I'm trying to find the name of this TV movie that was on like hallmark, lifetime, lifetime movie Network channel. The movie is not really really old. Not sure exact date but in the 2010's What I can describe about the movie is

A single woman is living with her friend. One of the scenes the main female actor is brushing her teeth. Her friend comes in to the bathroom with a pair of high heels. She tells her to wear these to the office. Her friend with the toothbrush in her mouth says no I can't wear them and they spar back and forth. Next scene you see the main female actress wearing these high heels and saying hello to a neighbor who's walking a dog. She gets Tangled up in the leash.

Then at the offer she works at. you see her in the elevator playing with her heels. The lady who is next to her in the elevator at the office she works at says oh a backless heel just lean forward. The main actress lady says to this other woman why don't women or people (something like that) tell about this. The other lady says because women are b*****hs. Then they introduce each other. The woman is new at the firm.

Later in the movie The woman meets an old high school crush. The high school crush doesn't realize that they used to go to high school together. She ends up becoming friendly with him and helps plan his wedding. Another scene they talk about planning the wedding and flowers. The new woman at the main actress office says get lilies because they look like a women's private part. He will instantly agree with you or something like that. The main actress woman finds out that the woman that the guy is marrying is a high School enemy that they also went to school with together.

Near the end of the movie The Man AKA high School crush realizes that the lady/ main actress that was helping him plan the wedding also went to the same high school but they made fun of her. The guy realizes that the main actress/woman who was helping plan the wedding was an old high school student. That his fiance and him made fun of her but she has grown up to be a beautiful woman. Also that after all that he and her fiance have done to her in high school. That she still wants to be friendly / close. The guy goes to where she lives and her roommate tells him off. Near the end of the movie you see the main female actress out buying an outfit and she buys a pair of backless heels that she said earlier in the movie that she can't walk

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