Help with mixers and amps please home setup

Johnny Angel

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Hi There,

I'm moving into a new house and have speaker cables running to 3 zones of 2 speakers each. 2 interior and 1 exterior. These are the speakers I'm thinking of buying

Amazon product
Elac DEBUT B5.2 Black ( inc 6 Year GTee)

KEF Q150

The 2 interior zones are close together so I'd always be playing the same sounds in both but I'd like to be able to have something different playing outside.

And I'd like to be able to turn on and off the 3 zones independently.

The input will be from a smartphone and cd player, mostly for my own listening but would like to be able to turn it up in case of a party.

I know very little about this end of the system, what I'd need as an amp or mixer and do they have built in wireless or bluetooth connectivity etc.

Any thoughts, suggestions or points in the right direction would be much appreciated

Many thanks



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Johnny, to achieve what you're looking for sounds like a very complicated setup, especially if it's not something you have experience in. I think the simplest way of doing it would simply be to have a stereo amp indoors with four speaker outputs. And then get some wireless speakers, e.g. Sonos, for outside.

If your budget is around 2000, you might be looking at 200 for speakers outside, 500 for an amp with bluetooth connectivity, 1200 for two pairs of speakers inside and 100 for cables.


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