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Hi guys, I've been asked the following about storing archive, can anyone shine any light please ?

We currently use 4.7Gb DVD Ram to store our sound material on but someone has told us that there is a concern about its shelf life.

Which is the best format to go for if this is the case, would DVD R's + or - do any better ? Can you store the same amount of data on DVD R's ? i.e. can you get them as 4.7Gb discs ?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, it's just one of those days !

You can store 4.7GB's on a dvd + or - R .... and alot of recent dvd burners are dual format - handling both + and -.

I think it used to be that +R drives where cheaper than -R, but the media was more expensive and vice versa.
-R also has higher associated write speeds.
Most burners are pretty cheap now regardless of being +/- or both.


If you are going for a burner look at the compatibility of the burner with the disk.
Last year I got a Pioneer 106 and it on checking it seemed to work with all makes of – disc on the other hand the sites that sold the blank disc said not compatible with some other makes and named them. So that is something to checkout.

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