help with me samsung LE32R41BD



had me telly for a less than a week and not happy with the picture, i'm running a gold scart from me sky+ to ext1 and normal scart from my dvd (home cinema thingy) to ext 2 and the pictures are s***e. I have also tried running scart to super video from ext 1 to the sky+ and vice versa (black & white and fuzzy) and running component from the dvd to the telly but thats not working either at all. Help i'm filling up i'm that desperate:lease:
from off the top of my head i think that TV is HD ready, so it shouldnt have a bad picture. But bare in mind your sky+ box isnt giving you an HD picture, because HD television hasnt been released yet. Create a thread in the LCD Televisions column and there will be more helpers

la gran siete

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I put this thread under " can someone help this guy out "column in th LCD forum. lets hope you get the reply you want


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Take it back and exchange it before it's too late.



Gold scart, normal scart, dvd player, isn't really helping us understand the problem. Can you be a bit more specific on what components and equipment you are using. Just 'cos it's a gold scart, on it's own it doesn't mean to say it is decent quality.


Give it a few weeks.
Mine started off a bit fuzzy and crap, but now the difference is amazing, getting a really sharp pic off sky. Aparently takes a few weeks to "bed in"


I agree with Highlander1, I have the same setup, except it is a Sky box. My picture was initially just crazy, had decided to send it back. But, day by day it got better, either LCDs have a bedding down period, or you gradually get used to the bad picture quality!!! I don't notice it nowadays.
My advice is, give it some more time. My DVDs look excellent, and some of the Sky channels are good.

-- ether0606

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