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    Hey peeps. I'm looking for advice for purchasing a projector that can project a live video feed of a performance from a stage to a screen of about 2 x 2 meters in size. The stage performance is of a magic card trick. The video feed will be static and the live image will be of the card table only, projected onto a screen for an audience of about 100 people. Any advice on what projector to use. My budget is around £800.

    I will be using this in different theatres and venues throughout the country ranging from small conference rooms to large (ish) theatres (max capacity 200 people) but generally I will be able to control the lighting. I just need to project a live video feed from my Panasonic hc vxf990 camcorder of a table so the audience can see what is happening on the table. I can be very flexible on where the projector can be situated.

    Any and all advice apreciated! :)

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