Help with LG Home Theatre HT554PH Remote AUX Code


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I hope someone can help with this.
Yesterday i purchased a LG home theatre sound system (HT554PH) from PC world, it was a display mode and with a very reduced price, the one problem is they didnt have the remote for it. I purchased a All In One universal remote to hopefully work with it. I have got the remote working with the 4 digit code LG code however it only has a limited number of functions working on it. The problem is I managed to switch it to CD/DVD mode and I have no way to switch it back to AUX mode (which i am feeding a optical signal from my Virgin media V box reciever). This is very annoying as I had it working but now no way to get it back, and i brought this specially for the football tonight!
So if anyone is able to help with this before England play tonight it would be amazing!!!
I basically need the 5 digit LG remote code that switches to AUX function so that i can program this into the universal remote.
Thanks for any help. :lease:

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