Help with LG C1 and Sonos Beam


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Hi all

I have a bit of a weird issue, I’ve just bought an LG C1 65” and I’ve got a Sonos beam connected through HDMI to port 2 (eArc).

Everything was working fine but the sound keeps dropping out and when I try and adjust using the remote I get a crossed out volume symbol.

When I look at the input, the TV thinks I have a Virgin TV set top box connected to HDMI 2 when I don’t even have Virgin TV. So I have no sound at all, I disconnect and reconnect it all but it still thinks I’m connecting a Virgin box and not a sound bar.

Any ideas how to fix this?


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This is a long term issue on the CX and older models, it has to do with HDMI-CEC handshaking and in many cases it could be temporarily fixed by disabling quickstart + or powering down unplugging and reconnecting all HDMI and power cables to your devices. The root of the issue is SIMPLINK is never 100% reliable.


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Thanks for the reply. Powering everything down seems to work but am I expected to continue like this now because it’s happening daily and it’s a pain - spent £1800 on a Tv and I feel like I’m in a worse position than I was before I got it.

Would it be worth contacting LG do you think?

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