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Hi all

I currently have the following setup:
Anthem MRX 720 receiver
PMC Twenty5 22 L/R [to be used elsewhere]
PMC Twenty C
M&K M4T tripole surrounds
KEF R50 Atmos (bit of an impulse buy to give Atmos a cheap whirl)
JL Audio E110 sub

This is currently being used for movies and music, but I am moving home and will be able to have music in one room and movies in another. I'm looking for advice in this thread for the movie setup, recognising that I would like to use the PMC 22s for music in the other room. I don't see any reason for changing the surrounds, which means I am looking for LCR recommendations up to about £1-1.2k, though if I can save here I might be able to put that towards a better amp for music in the other room. I have no issues buying second hand.

The TV room is around 3.75m x 4.4m, but with a chunk taken out the corner as shown below (sub placement is a bit of a guess at present). A few options I have come up with, but open to anything really. If speakers can be fairly discrete and/or white then that will get me brownie points at home!

Option 1: Keep the PMC centre speaker, find a second hand pair of PMC Twenty 21s for L/R (not as discrete as other options, but builds on what I have already)
Option 2: M&K M70 LCR (should work well for movies; also looked at on wall MP950 but these are over budget)
Option 3: Q Acoustic 3030i (just saw reviewed favourably here, very reasonable £)
Option 4: B&W 6 series (606? 6 series was favourably reviewed here)
What else?!
TV room.png
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Arendal 1961 Monitor and Centre (identical apart from logo). Available in white, sealed cabinets, keyholes for wall mounting. 42,5cm (H) x 16,3cm (W) x 15cm (D).

899€ + 499€ = 1243£




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The Twenty .21s measured rather poorly for such expensive product. Not sure is the newer ones anything similar. Hopefully not. And does the Twenty C share same drivers with this then?


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From memory, which may fail me, the Centre speaker has the same drivers as the 22 not the 21. I like the sound (on paper at least) of the Arendals.


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Yep the feedback has been great for Arendal 1961 there is owners thread on another section.

HCC system had the towers as mains:

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