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Help with layout - With CAD model


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Hi, we moved into our house recently and are now planning to sort the lounge.

We have a fire (which we're replacing with a new one - no fire is not an option apparently!), which obviously then restricts where things can go.

In terms of kit, currently I have:

Tannoy Revolution DC6T x 2 (Front towers) - which my wife lovingly calls the skyscrapers...
Tannoy Revolution DC6 x 2 (Bookshelf on stands)
Tannoy Revolution DC4 LCR (Centre)
Sony STRDN1040

I'm struggling with the layout due to the fireplace. I would like to be able to squeeze in the speakers, but with the layout, it really is a squeeze...

Is putting them this close to the TV, offset from the sofa ridiculous? Where would I put the Rears (Sides).

I've modelled the room up in CAD and dropped in a 55 inch TV (not the C9 but whatever), and some floorstanding speakers of approx the same size. Then some random sofas and cabinets to highlight roughly the furniture layout we'll end up with. There is a double door to the left, and regular door in the bottom right.

All ideas welcome, and can try modelling some different layouts. Open to buying new kit if that's the best thing to do...




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What would you like as your main seating / viewing point?

That would be your first driver, then i would consider a really high quality passive soundbar possibly on a pull-out / swivel bracket with the TV. With a traditional AVR set up they can sound very good.


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I guess the main viewing will be from the 3 seat sofa directly opposite.

Pull out wall mount might work to allow it to pull out in front of the fire when it’s not in use for a more central viewing angle for the 3 seater. And allow it to be tilted for if we have guests on the other sofa.

Hadn’t considered sound bars before really. A passive one would then be connected to the Sony amp, without rear channels? Aren’t integrated ones better as the processing is bespoke for them?

Any other way or incorporating the floor standers?


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A passive one would then be connected to the Sony amp, without rear channels? Aren’t integrated ones better as the processing is bespoke for them?

Yes the LCR Sound bar would connect to your amp and you could still set up your rears and sub as usual.

Traditionally, the integrated ones are not that great and because of thier size as limited in power and impact.

The other option could be to have your current floorstanders either side of the chimney and hopefully your AVR will allow you to set speaker distances and adjust levels / timings etc.


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Put your foot down and get rid of the fire :) you know it makes sense!


Standard Member
Ha I know! Not going to happen unfortunately...

Here's the speakers either side of the fire, with the speakers and the TV angled in positioned to centre seat.

Not sure where the centre would go...




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Audio wise, that would be best, but personally makes my teeth itch with the speakers in different positions in the room.

I would suffer the conciquences and have them in the corners for aesthetics.

The centre would have to be under the TV as it will be the main focus for the speech and would be very odd coming from somewhere else. Unless you went 4.1


Established Member
If it was me...
I'd wall mount the TV above the fire place, floor stander either side, stow all your kit in an AV unit to the right.
I know you get heat shimmer if the fire is on but there has to be compromise - the fire stays, but it can't be used.
A nice wall mounted radiator where the TV was should suffice.


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Itchy Teeth fixed?

Thanks Koipin, but we're actually getting a new fire put in, and the idea is that we will use it :D

Also, not a fan of TV's above the mantle in terms of viewing angle.

There's something missing to the right of the fire now... And still can't figure out how people put centre speakers in... It's too big to fit on the TV cabinet.

Might have to fashion up some dodgy shelf attached to the back of the TV cabinet :D

My wife still seems not to want the towers in there... maybe I should get some of the little cube type speakers and mount them on the walls. :(


Prominent Member
That works for me, but it is all personal preference, as a lot of our install work is.

Depending on size and shape of your centre, could you remove a shelf in the tv stand? Buy a new Stand or Centre (especially if having to change Fronts)

Or even raise tv up.

Actually, could you put the TV on a pull out / swivel wall mount and then have your centre on top of the TV Stand?


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You are really locked in with the doors, fireplace and bay window.
There is always the option of dropping a projector screen from above the bay window and swivelling the big sofa around...
Yeah...my Mrs wouldn't allow it either...


Standard Member
Tv on swivelly bracket probably not a bad shout incase we’re ever allowed guests over who might sit in the bay. Works as a secret strategy to put the centre in the centre.

I already had to remove a shelf on the stand to fit the receiver in. It’s not actually the one in the cad view, but similar size.
Yeah you’re right there’s not that many options for the room layout. Think I’ve nailed it now.
Gonna try and send speaker cable round the room and put sockets on the walls. Might run an extra set to each side or the main door in case I have to change where it’s sitting. Not the end of the world for the fireplace side near the bay, but tricky around doors 😀

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