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Hi, I've been planning to set up a large living room setup for music and movies and would like some advice on layout as it will be quite asymmetrical.

Originally I was set on the Sonos Arc setup, but after some research it seems Samsung Q950T will sound quite a bit better, have more connectivity, and save a lot of money.

The room is roughly 70 square meters, if not counting the open hallway and kitchen corner, sofa and armchairs will be on the north side of the room. Most walls are covered in windows, they have curtains. The soundbar's wall is flat and empty, to the right there's a wall approx 3m from it, to the left there's a little wall 1,5m away and then a wall at an angle which contains the fireplace. Ceilings are 2.8m high and almost flat (some minor decorations with depth change).

From what I read the most important part is positioning the satellites equidistant to the listening position (for some of the viewers, at least). As normally that would put the right satellite in the middle of the room, where there will be no furniture, instead the right rear satellite could go almost behind the listener, creating somewhat of a rhomboid pattern together with the front walls being in various distances.

The soundbar can also be moved to the left or right, although visually, of course, centering would be preferred.

See the attached image for a drawing, sofa/chair layout is approximate and will probably change somewhat. Soundbar and satellites are the blue drawings.


Would this layout be good, ok, or terrible? Any other suggestions?

I already ordered the Q950T, but I can cancel until tomorrow.

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