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Hi guys,

Apologies if this thread in the the wrong forum. I was wondering if anyone could help...

Firstly, view this please: YouTube - Toshiba Satellite Laptop Screen Problem - flickering

This is the long and short of it:

Looking for advice for my Toshiba Satelliete P100-188 Laptop with screen flickering and banding.

As you can see from the video - the main issue is the flickering band on the left side. Also, not so apparent in the video is the drop in colours, and distortion (looking like 16bit colours!)

I have tried:
- Using and external monitor - this works fine (so it's not the graphics card or motherboard).
- Swapping RAM sticks (made no difference)
- Unplugging/replugging and jiggling cables to the inverter (no difference)
- Unplugging/replugging and jiggling cables to the LCD (no difference)
- Changing reolutions (no difference)
- Changing refresh rates (no difference)

The issue is gradually getting worse and is now ever-present - changing patterns dependant on what is displayed on screen.

As I see it, 4 options remain:

1) Replace the inverter (I don't think it's this, due to the graphical flickering and corruption)

2) Replace the LCD cable - not sure if this would help....? (£15)

3) Replace the backlight - (I'm certain it's not this as it's graphical distortion)

4) Replace the monitor....? at around £100... Most probabale cause???

Any sound advice or educated guesses would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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