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Help with JVC or Wega

Discussion in 'TVs' started by Soabirw, May 20, 2005.

  1. Soabirw


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    I am trying to hook a PC up to my Wega and want to use either component or S-Video. I prefer component so I bought a VGA to Component adapter but have had no luck getting it to work on my FD Trinitron Wega (KV-36FS100). So I decided to fall back to S-Video out, but I can't get my JVC (RX-6040) to use the S-Video input instead of the component for VCR or DVD. I read the manual and did exactly what it told me to. I go into the settings and make my way to VIDEO IN DVD and/or VIDEO IN VCR. Then change either of them to S/C instead of COMPONENT. But it doesn't seem to care. I made sure it saved the changes and have even power cycled it with the changes still in effect. No video signal on the S-Video inputs from my PC, laptop, PS/2, GC, etc. Play something on Component and it comes right up, even though I am staring at the video settings screen saying S/C. Any ideas?

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